Title Standards Board – Request for Comments

The Title Standards Board (the “Board”) of the Real Property Section of The Mississippi Bar (the “Section”) seeks comments from members of the Section on the initial thirteen chapters of the Title Examination Standards (the “Standards”). The Standards – when finalized – will be recommended for adoption by the Section at the Section’s annual meeting on July 12, 2019, at the Mississippi Bar convention. A draft copy of the initial thirteen chapters of the proposed Title Examination Standards are available for download here. Comments must be filed with the Board by emailing the Board’s Chair – Kenneth Farmer at kfarmer@firstam.com – or by using the web form available via the Land Title Association of Mississippi’s Request for Comments page (CLICK HERE). The filing deadline for comments on the initial thirteen chapters of the proposed Standards is March 1, 2019.  All comments are welcome and will be taken into consideration by the Board if submitted by the deadline. When submitting your comments, please ensure that you identify the standard (or corresponding comment or caution) that is the subject of your comment and that when the basis of your comment is statutory or case law that you provide references to the same for the Board to consider. A request for comments on the final seven chapters will be submitted as soon as a draft is ready for distribution.