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The following policies of the Land Title Association of Mississippi (the Association) will govern all publications of the Association and the Association website


The purpose of these policies is to regulate the circumstances under which the Association will accept advertising for inclusion in its publications and on its website, consistent with the Mission Statement and goals of the Association. The Association reserves the right to regulate the form, manner, content, substance, composition, size and length of any advertising and to cancel or refuse to run any advertising in accordance with the procedures set forth herein. The web site and publications of the Association represent the membership of the Association as a whole and, therefore, the Board of the Association (the Board) has an interest in maintaining the complete integrity of each publication and of the website, consistent with the high ethical and professional standards of the land title industry in Missouri. The Board may delegate its discretionary authority in regard to acceptable advertising to any committee of the Association.

General Standards for Advertising

The Association reserves the right to reject any advertising that, to the “reasonable reader,” is false, misleading, defamatory, obscene, or which does not conform to contemporary community standards of good taste or decency, or which violates the laws of the state of Missouri or any other applicable laws. The Association may require any advertiser to provide factual substantiation or legal authorization from the appropriate jurisdiction when requested for any advertising. No advertising will be accepted that violates or may enable another to violate the Association’s Code of Ethics.

Advertising of Certain Products

The Association will not knowingly accept advertising for tobacco and alcohol products of any sort, advertising for illegal products or services, advertising for products or services whose movement in interstate commerce is illegal, or advertising relating to lotteries or games of chance. Additionally, the Association will not accept advertising that in any way may jeopardize the mailing status of the publication in which it appears, and reserves the right to apply to the U.S. Postal Service for a ruling on any such matter.

Political Advertising

The Association will not accept electioneering advertising by or on behalf of candidates for public office, candidates for elected positions within the Association, or advertising advocating positions on political or social issues.

Association Endorsement

The Association does not endorse any product or service advertised in its publications or on its website. Advertising which, by its subject matter or content, may imply or lead to an implication of Association endorsement, recommendation, support or approval will be accepted only if, as a condition of acceptance, it includes in the advertisement a disclaimer which states that the product or service is not endorsed, recommended, supported or approved by the Association. Nothing herein shall prohibit a member of the Association from including in any advertisement that fact that such organization or individual is a member of the Association, however. In the event a member whose advertising includes such a reference ceases to be a member in good standing at any time during the term of advertising contract, the Association may terminate such advertisement without any obligation to refund any part of the contract price.

Examination of Advertised Products

If an advertisement offers the sale of a product by mail or by the Internet, the Association reserves the right to examine the product a purchaser will receive, but the Association is not obligated to do so. Examination of the product or publication of the advertisement does not constitute a guaranty or warranty of the product and does not imply the Association’s endorsement, recommendation, support or approval of the product.

Non-Member Advertising

No advertisement for escrow services, title insurance, real estate records search or examination services, notary services or abstracting will be accepted from any individual, firm or entity that is not a member in good standing of the Association at the time such advertising contract is entered into. “Member in good standing” shall be defined in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association as they may be amended from time to time. In the event such an advertisement is accepted from a member of the association and such member ceases to be a member in good standing at any time during the term of advertising contract, the Association may terminate such advertisement without any obligation to refund any part of the contract price.


The Association reserves the right to request part or full payment before publishing any advertisement. The Board shall set and vary the advertising rates as it sees fit; however, no change in advertising rates during the course of any contract shall require any increased payment, nor shall it result in any refund of any part of the existing contract rate.

Review of Advertising

All advertising submitted for inclusion in any publication or on the website of the Association shall be reviewed by the Board, or by a committee as may be designated by the Board, to determine its conformity with these policies. Any discretionary or subjective determination which must be made in regard to advertising shall be made in the sole and absolute discretion of the Board or empowered committee; provided, however, no such decision shall be based on the race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age or the identity of the principals of the entity or of the individual seeking to advertise in the Association’s publications or on its website. The Board or empowered Committee shall make a final determination of whether to accept the advertising.

Where to Direct Questions About LTAMS’s Terms of Use

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, you may contact:

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LTAMS reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify these policies, or our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]