LTAMS Standing Committees are this Association’s “backbone” and are a key factor in the success of its initiatives and activities. They are the vehicles that facilitate and accomplish its annual goals and objectives and serve as the “building blocks” for future endeavors. Decisions made by the Board of Directors are generally based on information and recommendations made by the Committees. Accordingly, committee members are considered to be the leaders of the LTAMS of tomorrow.

The Committee Chairman should assume five basic duties:

  1. Facilitate the committee’s work, helping it to run smoothly. Rather than doing the work themselves, they should call meetings, set the agenda, encourage discussion, and delegate tasks to other committee members;
  2. Regularly remind members to stay focused on the purpose of the committee and current committee projects;
  3. Committee Member, LTAMS President, and Executive Director. The Executive Director is an “ex officio” (by virtue of office) member of all committees. The experience and insights of the President and Executive Director should be relied upon as an essential factor in each committee’s success.
  4. Insist that all members support the majority decisions of the committee.
  5. Follow the committee budget and allowable expenditures. Keep financial goals in mind when setting programs.

Want to play an active role in our industry? Committee membership is open to all LTAMS members. 

Are you ready to serve?

There are always opportunities available to volunteer your time and expertise and we appreciate it. Our association is dedicated to creating an environment which enables our members to provide the public with the highest quality land title evidencing, title insurance and settlement services.