Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

of the
Land Title Association of Mississippi
(adopted effective as of September 15, 2018)

Under all is the land. The American way of life depends in large part upon the foundation of real estate and the land title record systems developed over the years to both facilitate real estate transactions and provide reliable protection of all the data required to support those transactions.

The methods, acts, or practices set forth herein shall be the ethics and standards of conduct governing the activities of all Association members. The failure to comply with said ethics and standards shall constitute grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of membership. Members shall:

A. Offer professional services with integrity and refrain from engaging in any discriminatory practices prohibited by law in the conduct of their business.

B. Comply with every law, rule, regulation, or ordinance of the United States Government or any state or any of its political subdivisions or any agency thereof relating to the land title industry.

C. Perform their duties in an honest, ethical, and fair manner without engaging in any unfair or deceptive acts or practices.

D. Maintain the highest standards of business conduct and refrain from engaging in any practices detrimental to the public interest and the continued integrity and stability of the land title industry.

E. Exercise the highest standards of fidelity in the handling money or property held on behalf of others in a prudent, identifiable manner and transfer it only for the purposes intended.

F. Refrain from splitting fees, accepting or paying referral fees prohibited by law.

G. Use discretion and act in a manner that protects the confidentiality of all information received throughout a real estate transaction.

H. Promptly disclose any financial or other conflicts of interest.

I. Refrain from making any material misstatement in the Application for membership or any information furnished to the Association.

J. Refrain from making any material misstatement in the Application for a License or in any information furnished to the Department of Insurance or any other governmental agency.

K. Provide proper training and instruction for all employees to maintain professional competence.

L. Support legislation both in Mississippi and throughout the country which is in the public interest and will unburden real estate from unnecessary restrictions and restraints on alienation.

M. Work to ensure a better public understanding of the land title industry.

N. Refrain from causing to be published any advertising which is misleading or inaccurate in any material manner.

O. Refrain from using the name and/or logo of the Association without first submitting a sample copy to the Board of Directors.

Any matter regarding an alleged violation of the principles set forth in this Code of Ethics may be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Association.

* Adopted effective as of September 15, 2018.