The 2022 Mississippi legislative session begins today

Mississippi’s 2022 legislative session begins today and will last for 90 days. Although lawmakers will gather at the capitol to open the session, they are expected to gavel out early to discuss policy.

The Association will not be introducing any proposed legislation this year. However, we will be closely monitoring bills as they are introduced to see if any affect the land title and real estate industry. There are several topics that are expected to be addressed early in the session, including removal of the state income tax, teacher pay raises, medical marijuana, the ballot initiative process, and distributing relief funds to municipalities across the state.

Below are some of the early bills affecting or relating to our industry:

HB 12 – Adverse possession; require possessor to notify chancery clerk before title vests.

HB 126 – Landlord-tenant; authorize tenant who is survivor of domestic abuse to break lease without penalty.

HB 274 – Economically Distressed Municipalities Development Act; create.

HB 293 – Mississippi Fair Housing Act; create.