Join a LTAMS Standing Committees

LTAMS Committees are this Association’s “backbone” and are a key factor in the success of its initiatives and activities. They are the vehicles that facilitate and accomplish its annual goals and objectives and serve as the “building blocks” for future endeavors. Decisions made by the Board of Directors are generally based on information and recommendations made by the Committees. Accordingly, committee members are considered to be the leaders of the LTAMS of tomorrow.

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Conference Committee
The Conference Committee assists in the coordinating, planning, and facilitating of the Annual Conference.

Education Committee
The Education Committee provides basic educational building blocks (webinars and lunch and learns) to assure that, as an industry, we are fostering both competence and professionalism.

Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee (a) monitors legislative activities that will affect the Mississippi land title industry, (b) sponsors useful legislation and proposals as directed by the Board of Directors, (c) makes regular reports periodically to the membership of the association regarding legislation and regulatory issues, (d) act as a liaison between the legislative representative employed by LTAMS and the LTAMS’ membership, (e) assists the general membership of the Association in the solution of problems which may develop in the course of business activities, and (f) monitors all industry relations activities of the Association and investor changes/updates and communicate these changes to LTAMS members.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee promotes membership in the association and provides a formal communication link with all members.

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