Security Title Guarantee Corporation helps spotlight mission of Louisiana non-profit

BATON ROUGE, La. – April 13, 2022 – A deserving Louisiana organization nominated by the local leadership of the Security Title Guarantee Corporation was among those groups selected for the latest round of grants from the ALTA Good Deeds Foundation. 

Security Title proudly became one of the founding contributors to the Good Deeds Foundation, which was started in 2020. The Baltimore-based underwriter gave $15,000 during the foundation’s first round of funding on behalf of its team and hundreds of title agents spread across the eastern and southern parts of the country. In addition, Security Title continues to be an ongoing contributor to the fund.

Security Title also had a hand in nominating one of the latest grant awardees, The Life of a Single Mom Non-Profit. Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the organization works to improve the lives of single mothers by providing support groups and education in parenting, finances and wellness. Around 750,000 single mothers have connected to the national network within the past decade, transitioning them into self-sufficiency through life skills and resource identification education.

One important member of Security Title was motivated to nominate The Life of a Single Mom, also known as TLSM. Michelle Petersen, who serves as our Louisiana State Manager, knows the organization’s influence. Petersen is a single mother herself.

“The value of gathering regularly to share life’s challenges or learn from peers or simply forge friendships with other moms who are similar is something that I’ve needed in my own life and The Life of a Single Mom has made it available to others,” she wrote in her nominating letter.

TLSM’s values overlap with ALTA’s as it demonstrates a commitment to lead, deliver and protect. Specifically, when it comes to housing, TLSM hosts homeownership, career development and financial education workshops to teach women to become leaders in their community. They look for the long-term impact on a single mom and even provide opportunities for mentorship to other single moms.

“We recognize that the problems facing these families can feel insurmountable, and are often multi-generational, multi-faceted and complex,” said Melissa Lawson, who is TSLM’s relationship manager. “As an organization, The Life of a Single Mom focuses on dissecting root causes to poor decision-making, building an effective support system, and providing well-rounded life skills education to move single moms and their children from mere survival to successful lives.”

The group plans to use the $6,000 grant to continue fostering support groups that include a free meal, childcare, networking opportunities, mentoring and life skills education.

Security Title is licensed to underwrite commercial and residential real estate title insurance policies in 15 states and works with hundreds of agents in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and the South. The strong regional underwriting company has always been a good community steward over its 70 years in business and has supported many causes on behalf of its team members and agents alike.

“The ATLA Good Deeds Foundation is a great way to showcase how generous our entire industry is, and always has been, throughout the country, and we’re grateful to be a part of this initiative and especially excited that The Life of a Single Mom was selected as a grant recipient,” said Security Title President Ted Rogers. “Michelle and her great team have always represented Security Title well in Louisiana.”

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