Generes & Associates

Generes & Associates has been helping title companies since 1993. In the beginning, we started by offering software, training and support. We quickly discovered many of our clients needed help reconciling their escrow accounts and other back office services. Gradually, we began adding more services (file scanning, document archival, 1099-S Services, Cybersecurity Solutions, cloud based backup, etc.). Today we work closely with hundreds of title and escrow clients nationwide.

First Trust Accounting Services – Escrow Accounting 
First Trust Accounting Services offers escrow reconciliation services, both monthly and daily, for title agents and title attorneys. We guarantee our services will have you ready for your next audit.

Closer’s Relief Back Office Processing 
Our friendly and professional team can cover all of your transaction processing needs from receipt of the order to preparation of the settlement disclosure forms, closing documents and recording of the final documents. Our goal is to literally be an extension of your office. 

AtCloseTitle Closing Software 
AtClose is a fully secured, scalable cloud-based, title production system that streamlines your operations through robust integrations and automation.