Member Highlight – Government Employee: Angela Blake Thrash

After 28 years working in the Harrison County Chancery Clerk’s office, Angela Blake Thrash is the “go to person” for coordinating the business of the office with various county departments and the general public. As a 16-year-old in 1992, Angela began working part time in the clerk’s office as part of a co-op class in high school. A few years later, she became a full-time employee working in the records vault as a sectional indexing clerk. From the vault, she was transferred to bookkeeping but was soon thereafter named Land Records/Land Redemption Supervisor. In 2006, Angela was promoted to Administrative Assistant, and she currently serves as Chief Deputy under John McAdams. Her loyalty to the clerk’s office has afforded Angela the opportunity to work in all of its departments.

As Chief Deputy Chancery Clerk, Angela works with the Chancery Court department, lands records, bookkeeping, personnel, and the Board of Supervisors. Her years working in and supervising the records vault have given her a unique perspective and understanding of the importance of records keeping for land title purposes. In fact, Angela’s interest in joining the Land Title Association of Mississippi resulted in the establishment of the Government Employee membership designation. In an office that serves the public, Angela says that communication is key and that everyone on her team has a very important role. “My employees make this office special,” she explains. “Our teamwork is second to none. We all contribute and support one another.” When asked what it takes to do her job well, Angela points to a strong work ethic and concludes, “When things get tough, you must have perseverance because that’s when the most growth takes place.”

Angela’s success in rising through the ranks of a government office is evidence of her passion for helping people. “I get phone calls from people all over needing help of some sort,” she says. “By the time they get to me, they are aggravated because they have been transferred continuously. Most of the time, they just need someone to listen to them or vent and understand what is it they actually need in order to resolve their issue at hand.” Having begun her career at such a very young age, Angela views her current position as her greatest accomplishment and credits several mentors along her path for helping her grow into a leadership role.

The variety of roles the Chancery Clerk’s office may be called upon to assume is well illustrated by a story Angela tells about one of her most unusual experiences at work. Several years ago, a family dispute arose in Chancery Court after the death and cremation of one of its members. Because the family could not agree who should take possession of the remains, the judge ordered Mr. McAdams to hold them until a judgment was entered. The family would come to the office for every occasion to visit with him.

Angela has been married to her husband, Timmy Thrash, for 15 years, and they have “three beautiful daughters and three precious grandchildren” of whom they are extremely proud. They live in Lizanna surrounded by a tight-knit family, including her mother, sister, brother, nieces and nephews. Although Angela says, “I’m not sure if I am ever really away from work,” she enjoys shopping, boating, and spending quality time with her family and friends when she is not in the office.

To learn more about or contact Angela Blake Thrash, Chief Deputy Clerk at Harrison County Chancery Clerk’s Office.