Member Highlight – Associate: SoftPro

Associate Member Hank Keeping is a sales consultant for SoftPro, the nation’s leading provider of title, closing and escrow software.  Offering an award-winning suite of products designed to increase volume and revenue, SoftPro delivers innovative technologies to streamline the closing process. SoftPro has been recognized by the American Business Awards every year since 2007 – winning awards for superior customer service, support and product development.

SoftPro was founded in 1984 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has grown over the last 36 years to be a market leader.  SoftPro now services over 17,000 installations nationwide and is used by agents of numerous underwriters both regionally and nationally.  With a commitment to utilizing the latest technologies in its product and service offerings, SoftPro has been a champion of innovation in the title industry.  Hank says, “One thing that has not changed since its founding is SoftPro’s philosophy of providing the best customer support in the industry.  With great success comes great responsibility, and Soft Pro recognizes its unique position as both a partner to and advocate for its users.”  SoftPro is the only closing and title software company with a dedicated Regulatory & Compliance Team providing its customers with a trusted resource for industry and compliance changes.

According to Hank, trust and reputation are two areas where SoftPro is unique.  To quote Warren Buffet, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”  Hank credits the employees at SoftPro for the loyalty that its customers feel toward its brand.  Success comes through the everyday commitment by each employee to keep the customer in mind in all that they do.

The recent release of SoftPro 360, a business exchange platform that allows users to order all closing, title, and escrow services directly through any edition of SoftPro, demonstrates SoftPro’s commitment to new initiatives.  Users can e-record documents, request a lien release, request tax certification, access property information, order checks, utilize forms, and more.  In addition, SoftPro’s Hosted platform has been a go-to solution throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing companies the flexibility to utilize remote solutions and eliminating costly investments in IT infrastructure and added data security.  As Hank concludes, “Today’s demands for flexibility, reliability, and security drive tomorrow’s enhancements and new products.”

To learn more about SoftPro, visit, or contact Hank Keeping, SoftPro’s Mississippi Sales Consultant.