Member Highlight – Associate: eRecording Partners Network

LTAMS is pleased to feature new associate member eRecording Partners Network, LLC (“ePN”) represented by Janine McCabe of Minneapolis, Minnesota. ePN is a leading electronic recording software provider that services all major law firms and title companies throughout the United States. ePN’s connections are currently available to cover approximately 90% of the nation’s population and are continually growing by adding more counties and clients. Janine describes the company’s mission as connecting its clients “directly to the participating county courthouses in a seamless, safe and compliant manner.” Submitting documents for recording electronically through ePN’s portal is much more timely and efficient than traditional means of delivery. ePN works closely with all major title insurance underwriters and integrates its services with those of the primary closing software companies to help submitters comply with ALTA Best Practices Pillar #4 and lender requirements.

As we enter the era of e-commerce, the e-recording industry has been 16 years in the making and is already well established. In fact, ePN is celebrating its 11th year in business. Janine tells us:

We are all aware that it may only be a matter of time before we are faced with e-Closings and e-Notary. We feel we are the first step, and we provide the easiest transition into this world!

For attorneys and agents who are ready to make the leap into the e-commerce arena, ePN is available and prepared to pave the way.

One of the most unique aspects of ePN is its attentive customer service team. According to Janine, “Our sales professionals are “hands-on” and take great pride in seeing their potential and current clients face-to-face. Accountability and service is what makes any company work. This is, after all, a relationship industry.”

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