Member Highlight – Agent: Philip Hollimon

The son of a forester and a school teacher, Philip Hollimon grew up in the small town of Petal, Mississippi.  He received an undergraduate degree in forestry and business from Mississippi State University in 2003 and a law degree from Mississippi College School of Law in 2006.  After graduation, Philip’s first job was as a field landman for an independent oil and gas operator, Denbury Resources, Inc., through which he learned “the complexities of title and the art of abstracting.”  During his nearly ten years of experience in the oil industry, he handled work ranging from leasing to surface damage negotiations to pressurized production infrastructure planning across much of Mississippi and portions of Louisiana.

As the oil industry declined, Philip accepted a position as counsel for the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, assisting its staff and board of directors with management and development in and around the reservoir for about a year.  Nearly three years “and a lot of gray hair later,” Philip is building a solo real estate practice with a focus on residential closings and lender title work in the tri-county Jackson area.  Philip says:

I enjoy the wide range of people and personalities that I get to meet and interact with, whether they be parties to a transaction at the closing table or lenders/realtors that I am marketing my practice to for future business.

Given his work history, Philip has often found himself out in the field as well as in the records vault.  In implementing a plug and abandon program for almost 700 old oil wellbores, he helped tear down houses and relocate mobile homes and stomped through all sorts of wooded terrain.  On one visit with a landowner to discuss pipeline routes, he encountered “a timber rattler that was no less than 5 feet long and as big around as my thigh slithering across the dirt road about 20 feet from where we were standing.”  Philip says that the landowner grabbed a shovel from the bed of his truck, dispatched the snake, and threw it across the tailgate commenting, “Son, that looks like dinner right there . . . may even be enough for breakfast tomorrow.”

Now a resident of Madison, Philip has been married for fifteen years to his wife, Colleen, and they have five children – Blakey (5), Britton (5), Briar (3), Briggs (1), and Beckett (4 mo.).  They are active members of the Madison community and Broadmoor Baptist Church.  Philip enjoys spending time at local parks with his kids as well as on the links or in the woods hunting and fishing.

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