Member Highlight – Agent: Brandon Frazier

Brandon Frazier is not your average small town Mississippi real estate attorney. From the time he opened his McComb-based firm in 2004, he’s been constantly building and refining his business, and today, it has blossomed into a lean, highly productive operation.

While building his firm into what it is today, Brandon has always kept the customer experience as his top priority:

Lenders, real estate agents, and customers all interact with our staff, and each of them wants a level of service which exceeds their expectations.

His office configuration reflects his focus on the overall experience of his customers. His closing room is styled like a home living room, with a fireplace, comfortable chairs, and mantle decorated with personal items. For nervous first time buyers, the atmosphere Brandon has created is calm and inviting.

Technology has played a large roll in his firm’s success. Brandon knows the advantages tech can bring:

[Customers expect] to do business with the real estate industry in the same manner they do business with other industries, such as online banking or shopping.

In his process, all closing documents are produced in one system where many tasks are automated and redundant data entry is eliminated. If functions cause a bottleneck for his staff and can be outsourced to quality vendors, they are. This lean process frees up his staff to focus more on customer relations.

Brandon’s success can also be contributed to loving what he does:

I have always loved real estate, and my dad was a real estate broker. Working with people, building trust, and closing the deal are the things that make me go to work each day. It takes patience and precision to do this job well.

Aside from owning and operating his firm, Brandon is a husband, a father to two, and a municipal judge of 15 years.

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