Member Highlight – Abstractor: Jeaneen Bobo

Like many of the best real estate abstractors, Jeaneen Bobo learned her craft through one-on-one training by a close friend.  As she was going through a divorce in 1991, going into business as an independent abstractor gave her the means to provide for herself and her children.  Jeaneen tells us,

I was taught how to run title the old fashioned way by paper sectionals and such that in many counties has changed a great deal.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of computers, but I also appreciate being able to have something to compare data to.

Abstracting gives her the opportunity to get out and meet people every day as she is running her titles and every now and then to run into old friends.

Jeaneen is based in Carthage, Mississippi, but is currently doing most of her work in Lauderdale and Winston Counties.  To do her job well, she says, takes an “honesty in yourself to ask for help when needed, a humbleness to know we all learn each day in this business and not one of us knows everything.”  Her advice for starting out in the abstracting business would be to be kind, attentive, respectful, and, most of all, have patience.

Jeaneen’s “amazing” husband recently built their new home “in the woods.”  Her adult children have successful careers of their own as a nurse practitioner, an attorney and state representative, a business owner, a surgical nurse, an airplane tech, and a business manager.  She is particularly proud of her “precious grandbabies” and says that she is very blessed.  In her spare time, Jeaneen loves to sew and do crafting where “mistakes aren’t as crucial in my sewing room as they can be in a vault!”  Her adventures have included a trip to Germany, but she is happiest at home and with family.

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