Legislative Update: Feb. 1 Deadline

Feb. 1 was the deadline to pass general bills and constitutional resolutions out of committee in the chamber where they originated.

The death of a bill on Tuesday’s key deadline day does not necessarily mean the issue addressed in the bill is dead for the session. There may be another bill alive that could be amended to add an issue that was in a bill that died on the deadline day.

Bills that increase or reduce revenue and bills that make appropriations to state agencies were not impacted by Tuesday’s deadline.

Below is a list of key bills affecting or related to real property or land title that either made or missed the Feb. 1 deadline.

Real Property or Land Title Related Bills that are still alive as of Feb. 1

SB 2004Public lands; extend repealer on section prescribing who may purchase.Angela Turner-Ford
SB 2034Intestacy; revise provisions for venue.Tyler McCaughn
SB 2326Mississippi Insurance E-Commerce Act; create.J. Walter Michel
SB 2461Landlord-tenant law; revise provisions of to create procedures and protection for evictions.Brice Wiggins
SB 2465Construction liens; failure to file notice shall not invalidate claim of lien.Tyler McCaughn
SB 2472Eminent domain; codify constitutional amendment.Dennis DeBar, Jr.
HB 975Eminent domain; prohibit property from being transferred after acquisition.Nick Bain
HB 372Sixteenth section land; authorize leasing of certain classified land to cities/counties for less than 5% of market value.Manly Barton
HB 379Property interest; conveyance to married individuals considered to create joint tenancy with right of survivorship.Thomas U. Reynolds
HB 688Public lands; extend repealer on statute prohibiting corporations and nonresident aliens from purchasing.Rob Roberson
HB 933Homeowners’ associations; regulate managing agents of and provide certain requirements for.Lee Yancey
HB 972Bottom land leasing for oyster production; create a pilot program for.Timmy Ladner
HB 1061Residential Landlord Tenant Act; revise evictions procedures of the.Nick Bain
HB 1069Liens for delinquent county garbage fees; require chancery to keep certain record of.Clay Deweese
HB 1105Notaries; revise residency requirements of.Shane Aguirre
HB 256Manufactured and mobile homes; require certain notice to tax collector when relocated to another county.Ken Morgan
HB 274Economically Distressed Municipalities Development Act; create.Omeria Scott
Active Bills (as of Feb 1, 2022)

Real Property or Land Title Related Bills that died on Feb. 1

SB 2618Mississippi Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; enact.Derrick T. Simmons
SB 2621Eminent domain; codify constitutional amendment.Melanie Sojourner
SB 2622Remote Online Notarization Act; enact.Jeremy England
SB 2642Eminent domain; codify constitutional amendment.Joseph M. Seymour
HB 978Eminent domain; property acquired by prohibited from being transferred for ten years, with certain exceptions.Lee Yancey
SB 2013Practice of surveying; exclude certain activities from the definition of.Angela Burks Hill
SB 2030Cleaning private property; revise county procedures used to clean property adjudicated a menace to public health and safety.Kevin Blackwell
SB 2035Notaries public; revise maximum fee and residency requirements.Tyler McCaughn
SB 2040Railroad right-of-way; unlawful to enter and remain upon without the permission of the owner or operator.Robert L. Jackson
SB 2308Landlord-tenant law; revise.Derrick T. Simmons
SB 2320Statewide county court system; create.Brice Wiggins
SB 2471Eminent domain; codify constitutional amendment.Jeremy England
HB 401Mineral interests; owner of nonproducing interest held separately from surface estate will be liable for portion of ad valorem taxes on land.Donnie Bell
HB 486Adverse possession cases; require losing party to pay court costs and attorney’s fees.Randy P. Boyd
HB 500Mineral interest; revise procedure for payment of taxes.Randy P. Boyd
HB 501Mineral interests; revert to surface owner after certain period of time.Randy P. Boyd
HB 721Mineral estates; revert to surface estate owner after ten-year period of nonproduction.Donnie Bell
HB 835Residential Landlord-Tenant Act; revise evictions procedures of the.Angela Cockerham
HB 856Land banks; authorize counties and municipalities to create to convert certain property to productive use.Kabir Karriem
HB 886Property liens; require that lis pendens notice of shall be filed within 30 days after the commencement of the action.Henry B. Zuber III
HB 943Lease agreements; authorize for persons under 21 to enter binding contracts for.Bill Kinkade
HB 973Mineral rights; revert to surface owner after certain period of time.Bob Evans
HB 1053Tax sales; require conveyances of land to be subject to recorded easements.Noah Sanford
HB 1140Land sold for taxes; require chancery clerk to immediately execute deed of conveyance to purchaser.Alyce G. Clarke
HB 12Adverse possession; require possessor to notify chancery clerk before title vests.Randy Rushing
HB 1200Sale of property; require notice to any junior mortgagor for.Noah Sanford
HB 126Landlord-tenant; authorize tenant who is survivor of domestic abuse to break lease without penalty.Daryl Porter
HB 1285Land banks; authorize counties and municipalities to create to convert certain property to productive use.Earle S. Banks
HB 1303Chancery clerk; require to remove social security numbers from land transfer deeds.Earle S. Banks
HB 1322Remote Online Notarization Act; to create to provide for certain use of with restrictions.Lester Carpenter
HB 1351Affidavit of Scrivener’s Error; revise recording of.Jansen Owen
HB 293Mississippi Fair Housing Act; create.Omeria Scott
Dead Bills (as of Feb 1, 2022)

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