Add New Association

Add New Association

What is the entity name shown on the Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation on file with the Mississippi Secretary of State's office?

What is the "business ID" assigned by the Mississippi Secretary of State?

What type of Association is this?

In what municipality and county is the subdivision physically located?

How is the Association currently governed?

If the Association is currently governed by a third-party Management Company, who is it?

Does the Association have a website?

Would you like to add a custom background image for the Association? If so, please upload an image (preferably one that is 1070 pixels by 225 pixels in size).

Who are the current contacts for the Association? Please be sure to provide the name, address, and at least one phone number and email address for each contact.


Are there any assessments charged by the Association? If so, what are they?


Is there anything unique or specific that one should be aware of when dealing with the Association?


Can you provide a copy of the Association's governing documents - such as a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) or Bylaws?


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