Hinds County e-Recordings Delayed

We understand that the Hinds County Chancery Clerk’s office is currently behind on recording and indexing documents submitted electronically through all of its e-recording vendors. The Clerk’s office has over 500 documents currently pending recording and indexing. Any additional documents submitted for e-recording will join that list and will be recorded in the order received through the e-recording vendor once the e-recordings are processed

This delay does not affect paper documents submitted by hand delivery or mail delivery. We understand that any document submitted by hand or mail are continuing to be recorded and indexed in the order in which they are received. As a result, the delay in recording and indexing electronic documents could result in intervening liens submitted by hand or mail delivery being recorded and indexed prior to electronic documents. You are encouraged to use caution and consider submitting documents for recording by hand or mail delivery until the Clerk’s office and resolve the delay. 

We have requested the Hinds County Chancery Clerk’s office notify us when they complete the recording and indexing of their backlog of electronic documents. Once the backlog of documents has been cleared, we will send an update on the recording status in Hinds County.