2019 Legislative Session Recap: Real Estate Related Bills

The 2019 Legislative session concluded recently and, as usual, there were several real-estate related bills which were debated during the three-month session. I take this opportunity to highlight a few. I trust that your inquisitiveness will lead you to review in detail the ones that may interest you.

House Bill 869 created a new code section related to private-project construction bonds. The new statute will mirror the claim requirements for public-project construction bonds.

House Bill 962 clarifies that transfer fees are prohibited unless there is a deed restriction or covenant filed in the public land records.

House Bill 1612 is specific to Jackson, Mississippi. It will allow special local improvement assessment districts to create a referendum for an additional tax for certain improvements to things such as parks, sidewalks, streets, curbs, medians, lighting equipment, and other improvements to the district.

Senate Bill 2716 deals with the expedited procedures for evictions.

Senate Bill 2901, commonly referred to as the “Landowner Protection Act”, significantly limits liability for landowners when a third party commits a criminal act on the owner’s property. It provides specific notice requirements for landowners to be subject to liability and it allows the jury to apportion fault to the criminal tortfeasor. This bill was hotly debated and it contained several technical aspects that will affect liability for injuries to invitees.

The eviction bill (SB 2716) became effective upon passage. The other bills become effective on July 1, 2019.