AC23: Reading, Writing and Interpreting Land Descriptions

Barry Savage · August 20, 2023
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The test of the adequacy of a land description is if a surveyor, from the description, can locate the subject property on the ground. To write an adequate description, it is important to understand how a competent surveyor properly uses the description. When writing a description, a proper understanding of the true purpose of measurements as well as an understanding of history and how to deal with conflicting evidence is necessary. We will discuss how an experienced boundary surveyor uses a description to identify the land in question and determine the intent of the parties.

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Barry Savage

Barry E. Savage is currently the manager of the Survey Products Group at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Prior to his service at TVA he was in private survey practice for 10 years specializing in dispute resolution and expert witness services. He has surveyed several disputed state boundaries to resolve jurisdictional conflicts. Mr. Savage is an adjunct professor at Cleveland State Community College where he teaches courses in boundary law, geodesy, GIS, and surveying fundamentals. He has researched and retraced the historical surveys of Henry David Thoreau and has published several articles on the subject. Mr. Savage teaches exam review and continuing education seminars at various state and local conferences across the country. He has served as director of production for Cook and Spencer Consultants in Chattanooga. Mr. Savage was a senior designer at Psi Consulting Engineers where he worked on structural and environmental design. He was also a survey supervisor at Whitfield Engineering in Dalton, Georgia. Mr. Savage received his B.S. degree, with high honors, in Civil Engineering Technology from the University of Tennessee at Martin.

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