AC22: Choice and Consequences

Jerome Mayne · August 25, 2022
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In the early 90’s, he was respected, successful, and a father of two young boys. By the late 90’s he was Federal Inmate Number 08657-041. Jerome Mayne held a low-level finance position at Norwest Mortgage in St. Paul Minnesota.  Over the course of several months, he made a series of horrible ethical decisions that perpetuated his involvement in a fraud scheme that was initiated by a group of investors.  For fear he was getting in too deep he broke ties with the group in late 1994.  Concerned he would get fired, he quit his job and set out on his own. Over the next four years he started two highly ethical and principled corporations.  With some good old-fashioned hard work, he was extremely successful and financially sound. It all changed in December of 1998 when federal prosecutors charged him with mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering; charges that were tied to his involvement with the investors, four years earlier.

Join us as he shares how his unethical decisions got him caught up in a fraud conspiracy and he shares the story of his complete financial and psychological collapse, loss of freedom, and finally prison. He addresses the vulnerabilities that exist in the business-as-usual culture in corporate America today. During this session you will learn:

  • Where the vulnerabilities lie
  • How easy it is to join a conspiracy – even with no initial intention
  • That real conmen are out there and how they will recruit you
  • The devastating effects fraud has on the victims, one’s profession and family.

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