Total Committee Members: 26

Name Role District Party
Nick Bain Member 2 Democrat
Shane Barnett Member 86 Republican
Christopher M. Bell Member 65 Democrat
Donnie Bell Member 21 Republican
Randy P. Boyd Member 19 Republican
Cedric Burnett Member 9 Democrat
Angela Cockerham Chairman 96 Democrat
Dan Eubanks Member 25 Republican
Michael T. Evans Member 45 Democrat
Jeff Hale Member 24 Republican
Gregory Holloway, Sr. Member 76 Democrat
Kevin Horan Member 34 Democrat
Abe Hudson Member 29 Democrat
Lataisha Jackson Member 11 Democrat
Steve Massengill Member 13 Republican
Tom Miles Member 75 Democrat
Brent Powell Member 59 Republican
Margaret Rogers Member 14 Republican
Noah Sanford Member 90 Republican
William Shirley Member 84 Republican
Gary V. Staples Vice-Chairman 88 Republican
Jody Steverson Member 4 Republican
Preston E. Sullivan Member 22 Democrat
Cheikh Taylor Member 38 Democrat
Tom Weathersby Member 62 Republican
Cory Wilson Member 73 Republican


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