Highways and Transportation

Total Committee Members: 19

Name Role District Party
Barbara Blackmon Member 21 Democrat
Nickey Browning Member 3 Republican
Hob Bryan Member 7 Democrat
Bob M. Dearing Member 37 Democrat
Dennis DeBar, Jr. Vice-Chairman 43 Republican
Sally Doty Member 39 Republican
Tommy A. Gollott Member 50 Republican
Josh Harkins Member 20 Republican
John Horhn Member 26 Democrat
Billy Hudson Member 45 Republican
Russell Jolly Member 8 Democrat
Dean Kirby Member 30 Republican
Chris Massey Member 1 Republican
J. Walter Michel Member 25 Republican
Philip Moran Member 46 Republican
Rita Potts Parks Member 4 Republican
Joel R.Carter, Jr. Member 49 Republican
Willie Simmons Chairman 13 Democrat
Chuck Younger Member 17 Republican


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