Executive Director/Assistant


The Land Title Association of Mississippi (LTAMS) is a non-profit organization established to promote and advocate on behalf of the land title industry within the State of Mississippi.

Job Description:

Reporting to a Board of Directors, the successful candidate will be responsible for assisting in the development of the association and developing programs, events, and services for the association’s members. Responsibilities will evolve but can be expected to include:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • General oversight of the association and project management.
  • Collaborate with the Board of Directors to identify, create and implement strategic plans.
  • Identify, recruit, and train a team of volunteers who can serve on various committees.
  • Monitor association operations and ensure practices comply with regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Develop the organizational culture and promote transparency and collaboration throughout the organization.
  • Develop partnerships with association stakeholders, shareholders, industry regulators, and other relevant parties.
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities within the association and its environment to protect association interests.
  • Identify potential sources of investment and organize fundraising efforts.
  • Represent the association at conferences, lunches, and other social events in ways that strengthen the brand and communicate the association’s message.
  • Lead the planning and implementation of the association’s annual conference and other events.
  • Work with the association’s lobbyist and Board of Directors on the association’s legislative agenda.
  • Public speaking/presentations in support of LTAMS
  • Website and social media account maintenance.
  • Data management.

Requirements and Skills:

  • Proven experience as executive director or in other managerial positions.
  • Experience in developing strategies and plans.
  • Ability to apply successful fundraising and networking techniques.
  • Strong understanding of finance and measures of performance.
  • In-depth knowledge of corporate governance principles and managerial best practices.
  • An analytical mind capable of “out-of-the-box” thinking to solve problems.
  • Outstanding organization and leadership abilities.
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and public speaking skills.
  • Experience in the real estate or land title industry.

Job Type:

  • PART-TIME (10-15 hours per week)


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Work from home

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